Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2018-2019

PTA-250 PTA Career Essentials (2.00)

Discusses basic career principles, including levels of authority and responsibility, supervision, performance appraisals, policies and procedures and ethical and legal guidelines. Reviews rules and regulations governing PTA practice in Iowa, and the licensure application and preparation process. Discusses quality assurance, chart audits, varieties of reimbursement systems and their impact on health care delivery. Covers resume writing, interviewing and employment skills, as well as self and peer assessment as a tool for career development and lifelong learning. Integrates two mandatory face-to-face sessions with the remainder of the course material covered online. Credits: 2, Hours: (2/0/0/0), Prereq: PTA-215, PTA-232, PTA-241, PTA-301, PTA-302; Coreq: PTA-432; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B; Comments: Involves a component of independent study as well as classroom activities