Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2017-2018

HSV-814 Alcohol and Drug Counselor Field Experience & Seminar II (6.00)

Provides practical experience in a substance abuse treatment facility for a total of 250 hours. Follows and builds on Alcohol and Drug Counselor Field Experience and Seminar I. Encourages students through weekly seminars to maximize their experience through insight from other students and the instructor. Objectifies student experience through discussion with other students and the instructor via the weekly seminars. Credits: 6, Hours: (1/0/15/0), Prereq: minimum C+ in HSV-110, HSV-120, HSV-131, HSV-282 and either HSV-101 or HSV-109; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Meets part of the practicum requirement for the Iowa Board of Certification. Minimum GPA of 2.5 required to take this course.