Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2018-2019

Grading System

Kirkwood uses a 4.0 grading system. Kirkwood grades and their grade points or meanings are provided below:

A 4.00 A- 3.67

B+ 3.33 B 3.00 B- 2.67

C+ 2.33 C 2.00 C- 1.67

D+ 1.33 D 1.00 D- 0.67

F 0.00

P Passing Credit

Q No Credit

I Incomplete

E Excused Without Credit

T Credit by Examination

N Audit

W Withdrew from Course

X Course Repeated

O Original Grade Removed

The grades A, B, C, D and F are included in the computation of grade point average. Credit toward graduation is granted for A, B, C, D, P and T.