Domestic Travel Policy and Practice

Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2018-2019

Domestic Travel Policy and Practice

Off-campus travel by students must be approved in advance by the appropriate dean or designee if they travel:

1) includes an overnight stay;

2) involves a Kirkwood vehicle or rental vehicle, or

3) occurs outside of the College’s seven-county service area.

The department or student organization must designate a faculty or staff member to serve as the trip sponsor who is responsible for providing trip information to the appropriate individuals as outlined in section IV of this policy. The trip sponsor must accompany the students on the trip unless special permission is granted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and/or the Vice President of Student Services or their designees allowing the student(s) to travel alone.

Other off-campus travel by students that does not meet one of the conditions set forth requires prior approval/notification to an immediate supervisor or designee by the faculty or staff member sponsoring an activity involving in-district travel.

Modes of Transportation

Whenever possible, each student will travel to and from their destinations in transportation provided by the College. Exceptions may be made by the appropriate dean or designee. When a personal mode of transportation is approved, the student(s) are responsible for making travel arrangements and all associated travel expenses, and the student(s) assume all liability in the event of an accident or mishap. The College cannot be held liable for accidents or injuries sustained in private vehicles.

Student Conduct

The Student Conduct Code applies to students who are participating in travel activities. Alleged student conduct violations occurring during travel will be adjudicated according to the procedures described in the Student Conduct Code. In such cases the trip sponsor will notify the appropriate dean or the Dean of Students of the alleged misconduct. The accused student may be sent home pending the outcome of those disciplinary proceedings as determined by trip sponsor, the supervising dean, and the dean of students. Such decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

Students must participate in all scheduled activities as directed by the trip sponsor. Students who wish to participate in activities outside of those directed by the trip sponsor must receive approval from the trip sponsor prior to beginning the activity. In such cases, the students are responsible for any expenses incurred relating to the outside activity.

Notification and Approval Process

The trip sponsor will ensure all necessary arrangements have been made prior to embarking on domestic travel. The procedures for domestic travel are as follows:

1. Complete the Student Domestic Travel Notification form. The notification will include the purpose of the trip, date(s), destination, mode of transportation, name and location of any overnight accommodations, names and contact information of participants, and their emergency contacts. The notification form will be submitted to the appropriate dean or designee at least five work days prior to the departure date for all travel requiring advance approval and prior to departure for all travel that does not require advance approval. The dean or designee will maintain a record of the notifications in the event the College needs to reach participants or their emergency contacts.

2. A travel contract must be completed prior to departure by students. Completed contracts will be filed in the office of the appropriate dean or designee along with the travel notification form.

Note: Student travel occurring outside of the United States is handled according to the policies and procedures described in the International Student Travel Policy.