Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2018-2019

AUT-205 Automotive Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles (5.00)

Introduces Toyota's automatic transmission fundamentals. Covers automatic transmission operation, servicing, diagnosis and overhaul. Teaches disassembly, making precision measurements and reassembly of a Toyota AB60E/F transmission. Focuses on identifying components, operational theory, powerflow and diagnosing several Toyota automatic transmissions and transaxles through practical hands-on applications in the classroom and lab exercises. Requires students to R&R an automatic transmission or transaxle and perform all NATEF P-1, P-2 and P-3 tasks in the A2 ASE area. Covers specific Toyota units, including A-245E (Simpson Based Gear Train), U250E (Tandem Based Gear Train), U660E (Ravigneaux/Lepelletier Based Gear Train) and the AB60E (Compound Based Gear Train). Safety is required. Credits: 5, Hours: (.5/9/0/0), Prereq: AUT-104, AUT-821, MAT-715; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B