Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2019-2020

ART-143 Painting (3)

Provides the beginning student experience in handling a variety of painting material to foster growth in visual, scientific, conceptual and aesthetic responses. Explores painting from the Renaissance to the current era through examination of paintings and scholarly periodicals. Focuses on student proficiency through observational painting from the model, the still life, and interior and/or exterior spaces, perspective, light structure/chiaroscuro, positive negative spatial relationships, color theory and relationships, handling of materials, and abstraction. Develops artistic vocabulary and critical and conceptual thinking habits through participation in mandatory group critiques. Deepens student introspection through creation of a cohesive portfolio, body of work or artifact for final presentation. Once passed, this course may be repeated one time. Credits: 3, Hours: (2/2/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A