Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2017-2018

ADN-183 Advanced Concepts in Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing (4.00)

Builds on the concepts of previous nursing courses, with an emphasis on the care of high risk obstetric and pediatric patients. Focuses on the provision of ethical/legal, safe, quality, evidence-based patient and family-centered care of the patient with alterations in women and children's health. Emphasizes health promotion, prevention and condition management of common alterations seen in high risk pediatric and obstetric patients. Provides students with the opportunity to apply concepts and demonstrate skills in a supervised laboratory, simulation, and/or clinical setting. Emphasizes patient safety and application of the nursing process. Credits: 4, Hours: (3/1/0/0), Prereq: PNN-229, PNN-723, PNN-446; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B