Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2017-2018

ADN-180 Advanced Concepts of Nursing (4.00)

Introduces nursing students to advanced principles of patient care, building on acquired knowledge and development of critical thinking skills from previous course work. Focuses on patient care associated with acute and chronic multi-system disease dysfunction and the physical and psychosocial adaptation of adult patients. Discusses professional nursing roles in the community, leadership and management, as well as nursing trends. Integrates the nursing process and evidence-based practice throughout the course. Emphasizes acquiring knowledge to facilitate clinical decision-making skills needed to provide safe patient care. This course is taught concurrently with Advance Concepts of Nursing Clinic. Credits: 4, Hours: (4/0/0/0), Prereq: ADN-171, ADN-740; Coreq: ADN-760; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B