Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2011-2012

Table of Contents

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2011-2012

General Information

Kirkwood Locations

Programs of Study

Career Programs


Administrative Assistant

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technologies

Agricultural Geospatial Technology

Agriculture Business

Agriculture Production Management

Apparel Merchandising

Architectural Technology

Automotive Collision Repair

Automotive Technology



CAD/Mechanical Engineering Technology

Career Studies - Health (Radiologic Technology)


CNC Machining Technology

Computer Information Systems

Computer Support Specialist

Construction Management

Culinary Arts

Dental Assisting

Dental Hygiene

Dental Technology

Diesel Ag Technology

Diesel Truck Technology

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Electronics Engineering Technology

Energy Production and Distribution Technologies

Entry-Level Firefighter

Financial Services

Floral Careers

Food Service Assistant

Geographic Information Systems

Golf Course and Athletic Turfgrass Management

Graphic Communication Technology

Health Information Technology

Horse Science Technology

Hotel Management

Humane Officer Training

HVAC Installer

Industrial Maintenance and HVAC Technology

Interior Design

Landscape Construction and Design

Landscape Maintenance

Local Area Network (LAN) Management


Marketing Management

Masonry Construction

Medical Assisting

Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Transcription

Nursing - LPN/RN

Occupational Therapy Assistant


Parks and Natural Resources

Pet Grooming/Pet Shop Management

Pharmacy Technician

Physical Therapist Assistant

Plumbing Technology

Respiratory Therapist

Restaurant Management

Skilled Trades

Surgical Technology

Telecommunication Technology

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Technician

Water Environmental Technology

Web Technologies


Career Transfer Programs

Admissions, Tuition & Financial Aid

Academic Policies

Academic Resources

Student Life & Services

Kirkwood History

Arts and Sciences Core Courses

Course Descriptions

How to Read Course Descriptions

Course Key

ACC: Accounting

ADM: Administrative Assistant

ADN: Associate Degree Nursing

AGA: AG-Agronomy

AGB: AG-Farm Management

AGC: AG-Comprehensive

AGE: AG-Equine

AGF: AG-Floral

AGH: AG-Horticulture

AGH-102 Horticulture Math (3)

AGH-106 Introduction to Horticulture (3)

AGH-110 Success in Horticulture (1)

AGH-112 Introduction to Turfgrass Management (3)

AGH-120 Herbaceous Plant Materials (3)

AGH-123 Woody Plant Materials (3)

AGH-127 Ornamental Plant Materials (3)

AGH-131 Greenhouse Management (3)

AGH-141 Equipment Operations (3)

AGH-144 Landscape Construction and Design (3)

AGH-152 Landscape Design Techniques (3)

AGH-156 Landscape Design II (3)

AGH-158 Computer Applications for the Landscape Industry (2)

AGH-163 Irrigation Design (2)

AGH-165 Irrigation Installation and Repair (2)

AGH-190 Interior Plantscape (3)

AGH-200 Landscape Estimating and Bidding (2)

AGH-211 Advanced Turfgrass Management (3)

AGH-220 Plant Identification Suite I (3)

AGH-233 Plant Propagation I (3)

AGH-236 Plant Material Maintenance (3)

AGH-238 Soil and Water Conservation (3)

AGH-240 Plant Identification Suite II (3)

AGH-253 Insects and Diseases (3)

AGH-262 Fruit and Vegetable Science (3)

AGH-275 Commercial Plant Production (3)

AGH-279 Botany for Horticulture (2)

AGH-282 Pesticide Application Certification-Horticulture (1)

AGH-293 Landscape Business Operations (2)

AGH-295 Horticulture Merchandising (2)

AGH-300 Hardscape Installation Techniques (3)

AGH-301 Sustainable Site Management (2)

AGH-302 Advanced Landscape Design (3)

AGH-400 Athletic Field Maintenance (3)

AGH-405 Golf Course Maintenance (3)

AGH-411 Grounds Computer Applications (3)

AGH-425 Grounds Maintenance (3)

AGH-460 Design Capstone (2)

AGH-924 Honors Project (1)

AGH-928 Independent Study (1-3)

AGH-948 Special Projects (1-3)

AGM: AG-Mechanics

AGN: AG-Natural Resources/Forestry

AGP: AG-Precision AG

AGS: AG-Animal Science

AGT: AG-Technology

AGV: AG-Vet-Tech

AGV-101 Veterinary Assisting (3)

AGV-103 Introduction to Veterinary Science (3)

AGV-105 Animal Behavior/Kennel Management (5)

AGV-107 Pharmacy Skills (3)

AGV-120 Veterinary Medical Terminology (1)

AGV-126 Animal Anatomy and Physiology I (3)

AGV-127 Animal Anatomy and Physiology II (4)

AGV-140 Veterinary Pharmacology (3)

AGV-142 Math for Vet Tech (3)

AGV-143 Canine and Feline Nutrition (3)

AGV-144 Fundamentals of Small Animal Nutrition (3)

AGV-146 Large Animal Care (3)

AGV-152 Veterinary Computer Applications (2)

AGV-153 Veterinary Reception and Administration Skills (3)

AGV-155 Shelter Administration and Computer Applications (3)

AGV-158 Veterinary Law and Ethics (3)

AGV-161 Animal Nursing I (3)

AGV-162 Animal Nursing II (3)

AGV-163 Animal Nursing III (3)

AGV-167 Veterinary Clinic Pathology I (3)

AGV-168 Veterinary Clinic Pathology II (3)

AGV-169 Veterinary Clinic Pathology III (3)

AGV-171 Large Animal and Poultry Medicine (4)

AGV-175 Small Animal and Cage Bird Medicine (4)

AGV-179 Lab Animal Medicine (1)

AGV-190 Animal Welfare and Shelter Management (4)

AGV-191 Animal Behavior and Restraint (3)

AGV-192 Shelter Medicine (3)

AGV-193 Vehicle Safety and Operations (1)

AGV-194 Disaster Animal Response Training (1)

AGV-195 Large Animal Welfare (3)

AGV-196 Euthanasia Technician (1)

AGV-197 Basic Animal Investigation Techniques (3)

AGV-198 Wildlife ID and Management (2)

AGV-199 Veterinary Forensics (3)

AGV-201 Pet Grooming I (3)

AGV-202 Pet Grooming II (3)

AGV-203 Pet Grooming III (3)

AGV-204 Pet Grooming IV (3)

AGV-300 Clinical Veterinary Experience (2)

AGV-924 Honors Project (1)

AGV-928 Independent Study (1-3)

AGV-948 Special Projects (1-3)

ANT: Anthropology

APP: Apparel Merchandising

ARC: Architectural

ART: Art

ASL: American Sign Language

ATR: Automation Tech & Robotics

AUT: Automotive Technology

BCA: Business Computer Applications

BIO: Biology

BUS: Business

CAD: Computer Aided Drafting

CHM: Chemistry

CIS: Computer Information Systems

CLS: Cultural Studies

COM: Communication

CON: Construction

CRJ: Criminal Justice

CRR: Collision Repair/Refinishing

CSC: Computer Science

DAN: Dance

DEA: Dental Assistant

DEN: Dental

DHY: Dental Hygiene

DLT: Dental Lab Technology

DRA: Film And Theatre

DRF: Drafting

DSL: Diesel

DSV: Disability Services

ECE: Early Childhood Education

ECN: Economics

EDU: Education

EGR: Engineering

EGT: Engineering Technology

ELE: Electrical Technology

ELT: Electronics

ELT-146 National Electrical Code and Electrical Wiring (5)

ELT-152 Industrial Maintenance I (4)

ELT-179 Electronic Board Soldering (1)

ELT-211 Motor Control Circuits (4)

ELT-224 Motors and Transformers (5)

ELT-255 Programmable Logic Controllers (6)

ELT-277 Electronic Practices (4)

ELT-301 Professional Development (1)

ELT-304 Introduction to Electrical Circuits (4)

ELT-309 Digital Circuits (3)

ELT-341 Electric Circuits II (5)

ELT-345 Electric Circuits I (5)

ELT-395 Advanced Electrical Circuits (5)

ELT-400 Local Loop (3)

ELT-402 Introduction to Communication Systems (3)

ELT-408 Structured Cabling System (3)

ELT-427 Telephony Circuits I (3)

ELT-428 Telephony Circuits II (3)

ELT-438 Data Acquisition & Analysis (2)

ELT-443 Multiplexing I (3)

ELT-455 Transmission Circuits I (3)

ELT-460 Fiber Optics (3)

ELT-500 LAN Design & Protocols (3)

ELT-506 Router Basics (3)

ELT-517 Active Devices I: Transistor Amplifiers (6)

ELT-518 Active Devices II: Operational Amplifiers (3)

ELT-520 Communication Electronics I (4)

ELT-521 Communication Electronics II (4)

ELT-616 Microprocessors I (4)

ELT-621 Microprocessors II (4)

ELT-726 Industrial Drives and Devices Systems and Controls (3)

ELT-795 Fundamentals of Fluid Power (5)

ELT-845 Design Projects (4)

ELT-852 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I (5)

ELT-853 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration II (10)

ELT-856 Communication Projects (3)

ELT-860 Heating, Vent, and Air Conditioning Systems and Controls (6)

ELT-880 Telecommunications Internship (3)

ELT-924 Honors Project (1)

ELT-928 Independent Study (1-3)

EMS: Emergency Medical Services

END: Electroneurodiagnostic

ENG: English Composition

ENV: Environmental Science

ESI: Intensive English Second Language

EXS: Exercise Science

FIN: Finance

FIR: Fire Science

FLF: Foreign Language - French

FLG: Foreign Language - German

FLS: Foreign Language - Spanish

GEO: Geography

GIS: Geographic Information Systems

GLS: Global Studies

GRA: Graphic Communications

HCM: Hospitality, Culinary, Management

HCM-100 Sanitation and Safety (2)

HCM-109 Kitchen Essentials (1.5)

HCM-117 Bakery Basics (3)

HCM-122 International Breads (3)

HCM-123 International Pastries (3)

HCM-125 Basic Cake Decorating (1)

HCM-126 Science of Baking (2)

HCM-127 Advanced Cake Decorating (1)

HCM-130 Plated Desserts (1)

HCM-133 Fabrication I (1.5)

HCM-134 Fabrication II (1.5)

HCM-138 Food Fundamentals (3)

HCM-147 Culinary Techniques (1.5)

HCM-161 Stocks and Sauces (1.5)

HCM-166 Culinary Arts (4)

HCM-174 International Cuisine (lab) (3)

HCM-181 International Cuisine (4)

HCM-190 Bakery Essentials (1)

HCM-204 Service Techniques (3)

HCM-213 Service Management (Lab) (4)

HCM-227 Menu Planning (1)

HCM-231 Nutrition (2)

HCM-233 Menu Planning & Nutrition (3)

HCM-251 Purchasing, Receiving and Inventory (2)

HCM-256 Cost Control and Merchandising (3)

HCM-260 Hospitality Math (3)

HCM-269 Garde Manger (lab/lec) (1.5)

HCM-273 Advanced Garde Manger (3)

HCM-279 Hospitality Accounting (3)

HCM-290 Wedding Cake Decorating (1)

HCM-302 Alcohol Service (0.5)

HCM-310 Hospitality Law (3)

HCM-315 Wine, Beer and Spirits Basics (3)

HCM-317 Advanced Wine, Beer and Spirits (3)

HCM-321 Introduction to Hospitality Industry (1)

HCM-324 College Orientation (1)

HCM-326 Basic Hospitality Communications (3)

HCM-330 Hospitality Personnel Management (3)

HCM-340 Hospitality Events and Catering (FOH) (3)

HCM-342 Hospitality Events and Catering (BOH) (3)

HCM-402 Culinary Competition (2)

HCM-404 Culinary Travel Studies (1-3)

HCM-596 Uniformed Services (2)

HCM-597 Front Office Management (4)

HCM-599 Engineering and Risk Management (1)

HCM-600 Introduction to Lodging Operations (2)

HCM-601 Housekeeping and Laundry Operations (3)

HCM-602 Introduction to Food and Bar Operations (3)

HCM-603 Hotel Sales and Catering (3)

HCM-614 Leadership in Hospitality (3)

HCM-924 Honors Project (1)

HCM-928 Independent Study (1-3)

HCM-932 Internship (0.5-4)

HCM-932 Internship (0.5-4)

HCM-933 Hotel Externship (1-4)

HCR: Heating and Air Conditioning

HIS: History

HIT: Health Information Technology

HSC: Health Sciences

HSV: Human Services

HUM: Humanities

IND: Industrial Technology

INT: Interior Design

ITP: Interpreting

LIT: Literature

MAP: Medical Assistant

MAS: Masonry

MAT: Mathematics

MAT-018 College Readiness Experience Math (4)

MAT-052 Pre-Algebra (3)

MAT-062 Elementary Algebra (3)

MAT-076 Preparation for College Mathematics (3)

MAT-095 Personal Achievement Math (1-2)

MAT-102 Intermediate Algebra (4)

MAT-107 Survey of Mathematics (4)

MAT-109 Industrial Maintenance Math Fundamentals (3)

MAT-115 Mathematics and Society (3)

MAT-117 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers (3)

MAT-120 College Algebra (3)

MAT-136 Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry (5)

MAT-137 Applications of Geometry (1)

MAT-138 College Algebra with Limits (4)

MAT-140 Finite Math (3)

MAT-149 Linear Algebra (3)

MAT-150 Discrete Math (3)

MAT-155 Statistical Ideas (3)

MAT-157 Statistics (4)

MAT-162 Business Statistics (4)

MAT-165 Business Calculus (3)

MAT-175 Calculus for the Biological Sciences (4)

MAT-210 Calculus I (4)

MAT-216 Calculus II (4)

MAT-219 Calculus III (4)

MAT-227 Differential Equations With Laplace (4)

MAT-700 Basic Math (3)

MAT-715 Industrial Math I (3)

MAT-716 Industrial Math II (3)

MAT-718 Industrial Maintenance Math (3)

MAT-731 Introduction to Math (2)

MAT-732 Introduction to Math (3)

MAT-735 Machinist Mathematics I (2)

MAT-736 Machinist Mathematics II (1)

MAT-738 Plumbing Math Concepts (1)

MAT-739 Pipe Fitters Math (3)

MAT-740 Introduction to Technical Mathematics (2)

MAT-745 Technical Mathematics I (4)

MAT-746 Technical Mathematics II (4)

MAT-755 Fabrication Math I (2)

MAT-756 Fabrication Math II (2)

MAT-764 Welding Mathematics I (2)

MAT-765 Welding Mathematics II (3)

MAT-924 Honors Project (1)

MAT-928 Independent Study (1)

MFG: Manufacturing

MGT: Management

MIL: Military

MKT: Marketing

MMS: Mass Media Studies

MTR: Medical Transcription

MUA: Music - Applied

MUS: Music - General

NET: Computer Networking

OTA: Occupational Therapy Assistant

PEA: Physical Education Activity

PEC: Coaching Officiating

PEH: General Physical Education & Health

PEV: Intercollegiate Physical Education

PHI: Philosophy

PHR: Pharmacy Tech

PHS: Physical Science

PHY: Physics

PLU: Plumbing

PNN: Practical Nursing

POL: Political Sicence

PRL: Paralegal

PSY: Psychology

PTA: Physical Therapist Assistant

PWL: Powerline

RCP: Respiratory Therapy

RDG: Reading

REL: Religion

SCI: Science

SDV: Student Development

SOC: Sociology

SPC: Speech

SUR: Surgical Technology

UTL: Utilities

WAT: Water Environmental Technology

WEL: Welding

WEL-105 Welding Principles (2)

WEL-110 Welding Blueprint Reading (2)

WEL-113 Welding Blueprint Reading/Pipe (1)

WEL-128 Brazing/Soldering (2)

WEL-130 Oxyacetylene Welding (2)

WEL-134 Cutting Processes (2)

WEL-140 Introduction to Arc Welding and Weaving (1)

WEL-141 Introduction to Joint Welding (1)

WEL-142 Butt Joints (1)

WEL-143 Horizontal Welding Techniques (1)

WEL-144 Vertical Welding Techniques (1)

WEL-145 Overhead Welding Techniques (1)

WEL-146 AWS Bend Test (4)

WEL-156 Welding Skills I (4)

WEL-157 Welding Skills II (4)

WEL-184 GMAW (3)

WEL-185 Advanced GMAW (3)

WEL-192 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (4)

WEL-199 Introduction to Flux Core (1)

WEL-201 Procedures and Qualifications (1)

WEL-202 Discontinuities and Defects (1)

WEL-203 Welding Codes (1)

WEL-204 Destructive Testing (1)

WEL-205 Nondestructive Testing (1)

WEL-206 Quality Assurance Program (2)

WEL-208 Introduction to Fabrication (2)

WEL-230 Welding Quality Assurance (3)

WEL-260 Welding Health and Safety Certificate (2)

WEL-270 Automotive Welding Principles (1)

WEL-302 Pipe Welding/SMAW (2)

WEL-304 Pipe Welding/SMAW Fixed Horizontal (3)

WEL-305 Pipe Welding/SMAW Qualification (3)

WEL-306 Pipe Welding/GMAW (3)

WEL-307 Pipe Welding/GTAW (3)

WEL-311 Pipe Weld/Heavy Wall GTAW (5)

WEL-331 Welding Fundamentals (2)

WEL-333 Auto Collision Welding (2)

WEL-360 Production TIG Welding (4)

WEL-370 Production MIG Welding (4)

WEL-710 Robotic Welding (3)

WEL-924 Honors Project (1)

WEL-928 Independent Study (1-3)

WEL-932 Internship (3-6)

WEL-947 Special Projects (1)

WTT: Wind Energy & Turbine Tech

Administrative Staff & Faculty

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