Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2011-2012

Skill Center

Cedar Rapids Main Campus

2063 Cedar Hall


The Skill Center is a CARF-accredited Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation and Employment Skill Training program that helps people with disabilities determine their potential for competitive employment or further educational training.

Vocational evaluation assessment activities, both diagnostic and prescriptive, are designed to guide them into employment or training and are based on their needs and consist of a broad-based series of testing and activities. Areas of evaluation include, but are not limited to, interest identification, career exploration, food service, health care, child care, custodial, business occupations and industrial technology. Employment Skill Training is offered to provide specific training so they can compete successfully for jobs or advance in their current positions.

Additional services include job-seeking skill development, transition into college classes and supported education. Job-seeking skill development services can be provided to help Skill Center students obtain employment. These services include résumé preparation, interview techniques and application procedures. When Skill Center students plan to further their education, a variety of services are available.

Expected outcomes include recommendations for job placement, additional training or education needs, other community services needs, and support needed for vocation or academic success. Students receive information to make informed choices to guide them into employment.

Students enrolled in credit classes can receive assistance through the Skill Center’s Supported Education program. Students meet regularly with staff members who offer encouragement, monitor their progress and keep in touch with their instructors to help them successfully complete their education programs. Supported Education is a comprehensive system that provides individualized educational assistance to students enrolled in vocational training programs at Kirkwood. Time management, study techniques, advocacy, tutoring, independent study time and counseling are provided to maximize their potential for successful completion of vocational training programs.