Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College Credit Catalog 2011-2012

Auditing Courses

Audit enrollment in courses provides students the opportunity to attend a class as a noncredit participant, usually as a listener-observer. This kind of enrollment may have value for students who want an introduction to subjects outside their program fields, a review or refresher, or other purposes where credit and grades are not needed or would pose an unnecessary academic threat.

With the permission of instructors, students can enroll in any courses on an audit basis. Students and instructors must agree on what portion(s) of courses the students plan to audit and the requirements the instructors have for attendance and participation. If the students fulfill the agreement for the audit, the grade of "N" will be entered on the students’ academic transcripts. If the students do not fulfill the audit agreements, the registrar, upon request from the instructor, will withdraw the students from the courses and assign a grade of "W."

Audit enrollments carry no credit or grade point value. No inference is made regarding the quality of a student’s mastery of the course subject matter.

Standard tuition applies to all audit enrollments regardless of the length and scope of the audit. The last day to change from graded credit to audit is the same as the last day to add an individual class. Once changed to audit, the class cannot be changed to graded credit.