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Kim Becicka
Vice President, Continuing Education and Training Services
The Kirkwood Center

The division is responsible for meeting community needs by offering a wide-range of non-credit programs, promoting customized training services and state economic development programs as well as developing strong partnerships with business and industry.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Continuing Education and Training Services
  • Skills-To-Employment
  • Dislocated Worker Center
  • Environmental Training

Jon Buse
Vice President, Student Services
307 Mansfield Center

As Vice President of Student Services, Jon oversees all aspects of student life, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, marketing, advising, counseling, career services and athletics.

The Student Services Team consists of the departments that provide valuable services to students and the community.

  • Admissions
  • Advising and Transfer Center
  • Athletics
  • Campus Health
  • Counseling
  • Dean of Students
  • Eagle Card
  • Financial Aid
  • Housing
  • Marketing and Print Services
  • One Stop/Enrollment Services
  • Recreation
  • Student Life

Jim Choate
Vice President, Chief Financial/Operations Officer
219 Kirkwood Hall

The financial and operation divisions are responsible for the general overall operations of the college, meeting the needs of diverse internal and external customers.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Auxiliary Services
    • Bookstore
    • Convenience Store
    • Student ID/Debit Card
    • Cafeteria and Food Services
  • Financial Services
  • Heritage Area Agency on Aging
  • Human Resources

The Financial Services department is charged with providing sound fiscal management ensuring that student tuition and community tax dollars are spent in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner. The department is responsible for the design and functionality of a system of internal controls that allow the college to provide timely, relevant and accurate financial information to a diverse group of internal and external customers.

The Heritage Area Agency on Aging is dedicated to educating professionals, employers, volunteers and community residents to meet the challenges that face older adults and their families in our ever-changing and aging world.

Kathy Hall
Vice President, Resource Development
307 Mansfield Center

The Department leads the initiatives to provide public, private and in-kind resources for the college. This is accomplished by building relationships at a local, county, state and national level with individuals, businesses, foundations and agencies.

The Vice President reports directly to the President. Resource Development is comprised of the following areas:

  • Kirkwood Foundation

Major Gifts
Planned Gifts
Annual Gifts
Endowment Development
Alumni Relations
Special Projects

The Administrators responsible for Planned Giving and KCCK-FM Public Radio report directly to the Vice President of Resource Development.

Thomas Kaldenberg
Associate Vice President, Facilities & Security
East Campus, Building 2

The Facilities Department mission is to provide student services and a safe, clean, attractive and accessible learning environment.

The areas of the college that fall within the Facilities Department include:

  • Facilities Operation
    • Building Maintenance
    • Energy Management
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Custodial Operations
    • Service Contracts
    • Vehicle and Bus Pool Operation
    • Central Receiving and Warehouse
    • Mail Services
  • Security
    • 24/7 Coverage of Cedar Rapids Campus
    • Crime and Accident Investigation
    • Crime Prevention Services
    • Parking Control
  • Design and Construction
    • Construction Management
    • Design Support
    • Management of A&E Firms

Bill Lamb
Vice President, Academic Affairs
100 Iowa Hall

The Vice President of Academic Affairs is responsible for credit programming and learner success. Providing access to career and learning opportunities for students and supporting professional development for faculty are the responsibilities of the Office of the Vice President. The Vice President of Academic Affairs is Kirkwood's Chief Academic Officer and reports directly to the President.

The areas of the college that fall within Academic Affairs include:

  • Arts and Science
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Social Sciences/Career Option
    • Mathematics and Science
    • English
  • Applied Science and Technology
    • Business and Information Technology
    • Allied Health
    • Industrial Technology
    • Agricultural Science
  • Secondary Programs
  • Iowa City Campus
  • Learning Services
  • Distance Learning
  • Marion and Resource Centers
  • Library Services
  • County Centers

Jon Neff
Associate Vice President, Technology Services
322A Kirkwood Hall

Technology Services' charter is to continually seek out ways to leverage technology with the purpose of advancing our ability to support the needs of the community and to make training and education more accessible for our customer base. This charter takes shape in the form of many services which are listed below:

  • Application Support
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Database Administration
  • Desktop Support
  • Distance Learning Support
  • Equipment Maintenance and Configuration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Master Control
  • Network Support
  • Production Video
  • Production Photography
  • Radio Station Technical Support
  • Reporting
  • Server Support
  • Technology Training
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Web Programming and Design

The Department's Associate Vice President reports directly to the President.

Al Rowe
Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
2092 Cedar Hall

This department advances the college's mission, vision, and improvement initiatives through strategic planning/systems design. Its services are accomplished through principle-centered partnerships with all faculty, staff, and community stakeholders.

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Kirkwood's Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Accreditation Processes
  • Institutional Research and Evaluation
  • Leadership Development
  • Grants Development
          Local, county, state and federal funding

The department's Associate Vice President reports directly to the President.