Business Administration: Marketing Management
2-year AAS degree | 1-year Diploma/Certificate

Marketing promotes profitable exchanges in goods and services across all sectors - from solo entrepreneurs to small businesses, from global corporations to non-profits. Effective marketing allows essentially every kind of organization to grow and prosper allowing vast employment opportunities. It's the marketing professional's job to create, manage and enhance brands. To some, this is a scary time to be in marketing, as the very foundation of how we communicate with customers is being disrupted by the Internet and social media. Today they're just a few clicks away on your Facebook page, Twitter profile or Instagram feed. Marketing can even lead to better communities, locally and across the globe. These fields need professionals with a strong initiative and spirit of competition. Successful students also exhibit strong entrepreneurial, problem solving and interpersonal skills.

Through this program, students have the opportunity to earn certificates in Retail, Sales and Social Media Marketing.

Retail Marketing Certificate
Sales Certificate
Social Media Marketing Certificate

Business Administration: Marketing


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