Letter from the Board Chair:

Welcome to the Kirkwood Community College Board of Trustees web site. This site is designed to provide information about the Kirkwood Trustees, both individually and collectively.

As a group, the Board of Trustees is charged with setting policy for the college and ensuring the effectiveness of the institution by monitoring and evaluating strategic initiatives and financial direction of the college.

The average length of service on our Board of Trustees is just over ten years. We are a group who care deeply about this college, and are dedicated to serving the community around us in many ways. Our unique visions, perspectives and experiences help us do so with integrity and the best interests of the overall college in our minds and hearts when we manage the business of this institution.

I hope you have few minutes to spend with this web site to learn more about the Kirkwood Community College Board of Trustees, and how we fit into the leadership role of this great institution. Thanks for visiting. Come back often.


James Mollenhauer, Board Chair



Kirkwood Community College Mission

Consistent with the philosophy held by the College in accordance with the charge given it  by the State of Iowa as an institution of higher education and in concert with other agencies:

Kirkwood Community College identifies community needs; provides accessible, quality education and training; and promotes opportunities for lifelong learning.

To accomplish this mission we are committed to creating an environment in which we constantly strive for improvement.